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John & Cheri Payer's Selling Experience

After recieving 4 offers right away, we knew we were dealing with the right people!

Read the Payer's story about their experience with The Rising Team and what advice they have for you.

Why did you decide to sell your home?

We really wanted to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city and into a quieter atmosphere a bit further away.

How did Jeff prepare your home to sell and how do you feel he marketed the home?

Jeff gave us really good recommendations on how to stage the house and what to leave out in the photos. I also noticed that he has a very heavy presence on Facebook. He ran a "coming soon" post before the house was even on the market and I was really impressed by that. 

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Why Jeff from The Rising Team?

Jeff actually listed a home for one of our relatives and she got an offer the first day. So we met him through listing the other home and were quite impressed with him then and knew when we got ready to sell we wanted him. Some agents can be a little fake. He's just a very genuine down to earth person and very upfront, honest and professional. We've become good friends with them! Everyone at REMAX has been so professional and if we had a question they were on the ball and ready to answer it. 


What was the best part of your selling experience?

His photographer is amazing. The photo quality just made the house look beautiful. We listed on a Monday and received 4 offers in 24 hours. Going in, you're always nervous if the house is going to sell quickly or not. Well, we got 4 full-price offers right away that was the best moment for us. It confirmed we were dealing with the right person!


Were there stressful moments or things you were concerned about in the process?

The first offer was the best offer and we wanted to respect the first offer. The buyer's agent and buyers bank had the process so bogged down and it ended up taking way longer to do than it should have. Of course, at no fault to jeff. He gave us our options and explained why the delays were happening and answered all of our questions. It didn't matter what time of day it was, he replied right away. 

John and Cheri's Advice for you

Make sure you deal with someone like Jeff with a whole team around him. Everyone helps when needed. Jeff covers all bases and is just the complete package. Make sure you work with someone you are comfortable with. Jeff made us feel very comfortable, he wasn't pushy or bossy. It was a very good experience all around. The whole team becomes like a little family to you. We've all kind of become friends through the process!

"We got 4 full-price offers right away that was the best moment for us. It confirmed we were dealing with the right person!"


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